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the majority of labor ng  Aquarium of pet

we all know that:


the construction, arrangement, and design of the apartment family, especially in Vietnam, including very. has well as villas with very few overlaps, if there is only superficial, and layout inside is very different rooms, the living room or hall is usually placed on display aquatic pool scene, there are very different design, although the same, but the aesthetic taste of the owner as well far apart, much as a sun, a region, back to the aquarium hobby pet play of each boss or other well .vay hostess so if you intend to buy a pet Aquarium has available, would make you not so completely satisfied, psychological art lovers, love beauty enthusiasts that like to play an aquatic scene even more sophisticated, making fulfill that longing which the company we have researched, designed each pet Aquarium suit each requirement of the Family chu.ban just contact us will be happy to serve as standard.

all requests, please contact us directly

Director of the company: nguyên khôi

shop trading name: AQUA FISH

Address: No. 481 goods surplus sugar, surplus goods channels Ward, Le Chan District, Hai Phong-Vietnam

Opening hours: from 07h -18h weekday including weekends. (especially the Sunday, the fair coincides so very crowded restaurant)

stores that our transaction.

or phone calls, send messages by phone number below: +84978686433

if you have free time, so visiting the pet store aquarium with our help has many options for the design of an aquatic scene with your own model a benchmark for your best.